An information industry leader since 1937

The Cosby Harrison Company started on my grandfather’s kitchen table. Back in the 1930s, he owned the only airplane in Crossville, Tennessee, and after an accident damaged his plane, he didn’t have a good source to replace the plane’s broken parts. His search led to the beginning of Trade-A-Plane, now in its 75th year as the leading aviation trade publication.

Over the years, The Cosby Harrison Company has grown to include other tabloid-style periodicals, all representing unique and specialized markets. We learned early-on that our customers value classified advertising, so all publications are heavy with ads from buyers to sellers of parts, equipment and services. If you’re looking to buy or sell, this is the place.

For us, the Golden Rule is not out of style. We are known for our customer service and attention to detail. As a subscriber, you can expect to be treated well. We take the time to get to know you and to deliver the service you need.

The same spirit of invention that pushed us into business inspires us today as we look to constantly improve our publications. In 1998, we added our first online-only service,, offering real-time weather on the internet. We will continue to look for ways to combine advancing technology and new markets with our tradition of superior products and services.

We hope our publications find their way to your kitchen table, or wherever you enjoy reading papers in great detail.

Cosby Stone