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For 79 years all of Cosby Harrison Company’s operations have been based in Crossville, Tennessee. We employ a full press and mailing staff as well as advertising representatives, customer service representatives, IT specialists, and our own web and computer development departments.

Our mission is to strive to continually offer superior printed and web-based products and services while always providing excellent customer service and paying close attention to our customers’ needs and the changing technological environment.

In 1935, when Cosby Harrison, a private pilot from Crossville, TN, crashed his airplane in stormy weather, he could not have realized the lasting impact of his adventure. His slight misfortune would give rise to a shoestring operation that would become the great entrepreneurial success of Trade-A-Plane, the flagship publication of The Cosby Harrison Company.

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Luckily after the crash, only his ego was injured. His plane, however, was in tatters. The determined aviator encountered a great deal of frustration finding parts to repair it because aviation magazine advertisements of the day took months to generate a response. This became Harrison’s inspiration for starting Trade-A-Plane, a buy-sell publication for aircraft and parts. At age 37, he and his wife, Margaret, began publishing the tri-monthly paper on their kitchen table. By focusing on advertisements and excluding editorial content, the publication served to bring buyer and sellers together in the general aviation market.

In 1950, The Cosby Harrison Company entered the heavy construction industry with the first printing of Rock & Dirt. In 1980, Tradequip was acquired to serve the oil and gas industry. Rock & Dirt expanded into the Latin American construction and mining market with the publication of Rock & Dirt en Español in 1992.

In 1997, The Cosby Harrison Company launched individual web sites for each publication. The web sites offer users not only the opportunity to search the entire contents of each publication but several other special “online only” features as well.

In 2003, The Cosby Harrison Company installed a new press that allows us to print four-color on every page. The press consists of a 12-unit, 3-web heatset press configured as two parallel lines, one with eight units stacked four over four and one with four units. The press also employs stochastic screen technology which adds better definition and clarity. The standard spray technology allows a faster turnaround with less waste. Not only do our publications benefit from the new press, our commercial printing customers do as well.

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